Autonomous Mobile Robots - Fetch 

Fetch Robotics products are used to automate material handling and improve travel times.

Se integran con el flujo de trabajo en planta.

Integrate with the plant workflow.

Configuración y control Simples

Simple configuration and control.

Transporte seguro de cargas

Safe transportation of loads.

Dinamek is a distributor of Fetch Robotics products in Mexico, a world leader with innovative Cobots solutions for material management in all types of industries.

Benefits of Fetch Robotics

  • Easily integrable with the daily work flow in the plant.  
  • Certified as safe by European Conformity
  • Simple configuration and control by handheld devices or automation.
  • They do not need additional infrastructure.
  • Safe transportation of equipment, merchandise, containers, boxes and materials.
  • Easy to implement and start operating.
  • Automation in the recharging of the equipment.
  • Control infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Automated inventory counting.

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The Industry’s First Rolling Cart Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution


  • True collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution that integrates into existing manual cart workflows.
  • Flexible FetchCart options support a wide range of workflows.
  • Maximum robot utilization by decoupling robots from carts.
  • Simple setup and control for associates through
    handheld devices or automation through fully configured schedules.
  • Recognized for safety (CE mark).

  • Case Picking
  • ASRS induction
  • Raw Material Delivery
  • Replenishment / Putaway
  • Staging / Consolidation
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment

Freight500 / Freight1500

Large and palletized payload transport.


  • Improves pallet selection and transport by dramatically reducing manned travel.
  • Reduces forklift dependency, traffic and incidents.
  • Safe and smooth movement with zero blind spot sensor coverage.
  • High duty cycles enabled by fast charge capacity.



  • Case Picking 
  • Crossdocking / Consolidation
  • Pallet Putaway Movements
  • Packing & Pallet Recycling


Autonumous cart transport solution for large payloads


  • Safely transport case goods, totes, boxes, and smaller palletized loads up to 500 lbs in dynamic warehouse environments.
  • Detachable, industrial-grade cart improves pick and putaway efficiency by eliminating manual travel with a pallet jack or forklift.
  • Case pick-to-cart with Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) pickup, delivery, and drop off.
  • Customize distribution & manufacturing workflows from anywhere with FetchCore™ cloud software.
  • No additional infrastructure required.


All-in-one transport & operator interface.


  • Quickest deployment solution.
  • Set up and use in hours, redeploy easily.
  • Ideal for small and medium payloads.
  • Confgurable shelving for various bin, tote, and package sizes.
  • Reduce associate travel time, increase productivity in   low dwell time and high volume environments.
  • Simple operation with built-in, easily confgured touchscreen.


  • Order Picking
  • Rush Orders
  • Assembly & QA ASRS Induction
  • Returns Processing

RollerTop AMR

Flexible Automation Addition to Fixed Conveyors.


  • Automate loading and unloading of totes and bins from conveyors or ASRSs.
  • Flexibly extend existing conveyor workflows.
  • Automatically trigger induction or deduction via Fetch Robotics’ FetchCore™ software.
  • Integrate existing conveyor controls with FetchCore using optional IoT-style FetchLink smart interface.


  • Order Picking
  • ASRS Induction
  • Assembly & QA
  • Rush Orders


Mobile RFID Asset Tracker.


  • Automated, accurate, frequent, cost-effcient cycle counting and inventory tracking.
  • Powerful data visualization to locate misplaced inventory.
  • Reporting tools to help take action on discrepant inventory counts.


  • Cycle Counting 
  • Physical Inventory Check
  • Find Inventory 
  • Asset Tag Tracking

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Software FetchCore™

FetchCore Enterprise Software and Services is Fetch Robotics' fundamental platform to fully implement and integrate a wide range of automated warehouse workflows.


  • Fastest time-to-automation: Implement AMRs in days, not weeks.
  • Adapts to changes instantly: Instantly adapt as your operations change.
  • Easy integration: Seamlessly integrates with other software.
  • Secure & Reliable: Industry-leading security through the cloud.
  • Simple to use, simple to manage: Featuring a simple and intuitive user interface.                                               


  • Build maps: Create accurate maps of your facility.
  • Annotate maps: Create keep out areas, destinations, speed zones, preferred paths and more.
  • Interact with robots on map: Select real-time viewing options.
  • WorkFlow Builder: Drag & drop to create complex robot actions.
  • Example Robot actions: Sample actions of robot functions.
  • WorkFlow Scheduler: Assign and schedule robot tasks.
  • Traffic Management: Optimize robot route planning.
  • Reports: Setup and export robot performance reports.
  • Analytics: Review robot data insights.
  • Adding a data survey route: Setup RFID survey with TagSurveyor.
  • DataSurvey™ Module: View RFID tags on a live map.

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Fe Fetch Robotics offers automation solutions for materials handling and inventory management combining mobile robotics:

  • CartConnect
  • HMIShelf
  • Freight 500 / Freight 1500
  • RollerTop
  • CartConnect500
  • TagSurveyor
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