Microtorque Atlas Copco screwdriver catalog

Meet the Atlas Copco microtoring tool line, accuracy and quality with maximum flexibility.


In this catalog you will find:

  • Atlas Copco microtoring screwdrivers
  • Characteristics of the micotorque
  • and more..

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Screwdrivers for hand microtorque

Easy to use, ergonomic and increase productivity

Our range of manual screwdrivers Microtorque is the most advanced solution for low torque applications.

They are extremely ergonomic, very compact and full of functions, characteristics that make them the right tool to increase productivity and quality, achieve high efficiency and reduce costs.


A compact design that saves space.
Screen with clearly visible and configurable information.
Status of color background signaling tightening.
Simple and intuitive navigation through three control buttons.
Multiple communication ports.
External power source.
Ergonomic and light design.
Strong and durable cable.

Productivity and flexibility
Tightening strategies
Multiple step tightening
Multiple torques programs

Quality and error test
Monitoring and angle control
Possibilities of error test
High torque accuracy

Cost reduction
Seat control strategy
Data reports
Graphical data and analysis

Ergonomic and user friendly
Automatic adjustment
Batch counter
Operator response


Accuracy and quality - With maximum flexibility


With an extremely high accuracy, the Microtorque Handheld Screwdriver secures torque consistency at every tightening and at every joint.
Gives you higher process and product quality.
To gain more control to the process the angle monitoring detects stripped joints, incomplete tightening, missing components and misalignment to name a few.
Thanks to multiple tightening strategies you get maximum flexibility, allowing the best setup for different tightening needs, from speed variation up to rotation direction.
With no software needed, Auto-set is the easiest and fastest way to setup the Microtorque screwdrivers, just chose the torque and perform few tightening and it is done.
With multiple torque you have savings and flexibility where one single Microtorque Screwdriver can replace multiple conventional screwdrivers at one workstation.
Multi Step Tightening maximizes tightening quality and torque accuracy – reducing tightening time and allowing multiple possibilities for process improvement.

Process control and Optimization


The Graphic Data & Analysis tool makes sure to identify the causes for tightening failures, making it a powerful tool for process optimization and diagnosis.
To help on process control and product quality the Batch count makes an important feature, preventing missing screws during assembly with the Microtorque Handheld Screwdriver.
The Seating Control Strategy is the most intelligent and advanced tightening solution, eliminating floating screws and assuring the best tightening process.
Several I/Os ports allow quick and easy integration with Poka Yoke solutions, like smart jigs, program selection and more.
The colorful and visual interface the MTF400 controller gives instant feedback to operators through intuitive colors and sounds.
All tightening data, including torque, angle, status, and graphics can be exported in real time, offering traceability and process history.

Seating control strategy


Due to the monitoring capability during the entire process, the MTF400 identifies the seating point and then adds the specified amount of torque or angle.
It secures that the right amount of clamping is applied to every single joint, independent of the so common friction variation due to dimensions, roughness, material, alignment and more.