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We are distributors EGA Master, a Spaniard company involved with designing and manufacturing of solutions directed to the security and efficiency areas, through instruments, equipment and tools of high specialization and technology, for industrial use.

Ega Master Solutions

  • Tool control systems
  • Premium industrial hand tools
  • Pipe tools and machines
  • Safety tools

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Anti-spark tools

The EGA Master brand anti-sparking tools have been designed to be used in potentially explosive environments. All tools are forged after casting to achieve the highest possible quality and have aesthetic finishes. Our anti-sparking tools are built on everything we've learned over the decades to design and manufacture handy, ergonomic, easy-to-use tools with the most attractive design on the market.

All EGA Master tools are manufactured to comply with ISO 9001-2000 and certified by the most prestigious institution for the manufacture of hand tools, TUV-Rheinland.

Non-magnetic tools

The EGA Master Titanium tools have been developed with the highest technology, and manufactured with the Titanium 6A1-4V alloy, for excellent performance in the most demanding environments.

EGA Master offers its anti-sparking tools in two different types of alloy materials: Copper-Beryllium alloy and Aluminum-Bronze.

Safety tools

Designated EX ATEX (Atmosphere - Explosive) Directed 94/9 / EC:

Assigns the legal rules to be taken by the member states for devices and protective systems designed for use in potentially explosive areas. The new: ATEX 95 (Old: ATEX 100a) Directed to 1999/92 / EC Minimum requirements for improving workers' health and safety at dangerous explosive atmospheres. New: ATEX 137 (Old: ATEX 118a)

Tools control system

Bicolor EVA trays The tools match perfectly to the tray due to the color coding and this allows to see if any missing tools at any time.

Customized Tray Designs If none of the standard EGA Master sets meets your needs, we manufacture customized trays according to customer requirements.

Marking/engraving of tools by laser We offer marking and Tool's engravement by laser in order to help you to identify them as your company's property, division, or equipment.

Electrostatic Discharge ESD tools

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is an electrostatic phenomenon in which an electric current flows suddenly and temporarily between two objects with different electrical potentials. EGA Master ESD products allow the derivation of electrostatic energy in a controlled and safe way for the user and the electronic components of their electronic equipment.

Bi-material handles are ergonomically designed and are soft to the touch and non-slip, helping to the suitable use of the tool.

1000V insulated tool

EGA Master has an extensive line of insulation safety tools: pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, ratchets cutters, tweezers, knives, pliers, fixed and star wrenches, socket wrenches (with its corresponding accessories and sets), Saw Blades Arcs, etc.

The EGA Master insulation tools comply with the IEC 900 resp. DIN EN 60900, they are tested through a dielectric test at 10,000 V (at a current strength 10 times higher than certified). They are also under tests of adhesion, dielectric penetration, impact, and flame propagation, complying with exacting European standards.

Anti-Fall Tools

EGA Master has a wide range of tools and anti-fall solutions, which have been designed to prevent falling objects at heights. These products have been developed to be comfortable and efficient in their use while ensuring the safety of workers and equipment. They are ideal for use in manufacturing, construction, installation, and maintenance on land and sea.

Excellent for work at heights such as drilling towers, wind turbines, power lines, cranes, buildings, scaffolding, bridges, telecommunications towers, aircraft maintenance, mining, etc.

Waterproof Tools

EGA Master has a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic tools for subaquatic use such as grinders, impact wrenches, drills, saws, etc.

These products are designed to be used by professionals that work underwater on sunken boats, submerged structures, oil platforms, hydraulic power plants.

Due to their advanced design, they are ideal to be used to any depth that submariners can possibly work at.

Tube Tools

The quick and one hand easy-to-use Master Grip tubing wrench with ½ "-3/4" -1 "-1.1 / 4" -1.1 / 2 "and 2" tubing offers excellent hold to efficiently stow threaded tubes. Its special robust design allows it to be used in heavy work.

1.- Its geometric design with special toothing allows a perfect grip.
2.- Ergonomic handle of precision casting.
3.- Strong mounted Pin to support efforts in both directions.
4.- Tube easy to grab with one hand.

EGA Master Camera

The EGA Master's MasterEx 79601 intrinsically safe digital camera is an excellent photographic tool for areas with explosion hazards.

Takes high-quality images in this type of environment safely. It allows the data transfer to any computer via USB port with the protocol PTP (protocol of transfer of photos).

The time and date of the images are printed automatically to create a chronological history, It also has the Audio Annotation Function.

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