About us

Dinamek is an industrial supplier with more than 30 years of experience offering the best solutions for the manufacturing Industry.


More than 80 associates ready to support you in your projects

We have engineering staff, sales, technical service and an administrative staff who can support you in the correct implementation of solutions.

Locations and facilities

Dinamek is located in Monterrey. With office facilities, repair services, training and warehouse. We also have sales and service offices in Saltillo, Coah. to support local clients.

In Laredo Texas we have facilities to manage the logistics, reception, inspection, repackaging and consolidation of shipments for import and export purposes.

We also have an offices in Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA where we carry out business development with suppliers and supply chain supervision.

Management Team


Jorge de la Garza

Founder and General Manager, UANL Mechanical Electrical Engineer, and MBA for ITESM. De la Garza was marketing VP for ten years for Ind. Tuck SA de CV and Precision Materials Director for GTE (General Telephone and Electronics) Mexico for another ten years.

Sigifredo Navarro

Board of directors, CPA, and MBA from ITESM, owner and Director of Navarro y Asociados, a Consultant Company specialized in Fiscal Management.

Adrián Navarro

Dinamek Administrative Manager. With over 30 years of experience in Audit and Financial Support. Dinamek employee since 2000.

Juan Manuel Ibarra

Dinamek Operations Director, Industrial Engineer and MBA from ITESM. Dinamek employee since 1997.

Gerardo Villarreal M.

Dinamek Tool Division Manager, UANL Mechanical Electrical Engineer with 25 years of experience in Marketing Hand and Power Tools. Dinamek employee since 1991.

Humberto Villa G.

Dinamek Packaging Division Mgr. with 25 years of experience in marketing Tapes and Packaging related Products. Dinamek Employee since 1989.

Guillermo Villarreal

Dinamek Mat. Handling and Machine Tool Builder, Division Mgr. Systems Engineer. Dinamek employee since 1995.

Juan Tamez V.

Dinamek Fabrication Division Manager, ITESM, Mechanical Electrical Engineer with over 35 years of experience in Design, Fabrication and Installation of Industria.

Carlos Monsiváis Gaitan

Operations Manager of the Manufacturing Division, Electrical Mechanical Engineer, UANL, with more than 35 years of experience in Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Installation.


Anamarina de La Garza

Stockholder and responsible for Marketing, Bachelor in Graphic Arts. With over 15 years of experience in developing new business and marketing and promotion campaigns.

Arthur L. Kimbel

Responsible for contacts and negotiations in the USA and Canada. Mr. Kimbel with over 20 years of experience in promoting USA/Mexico business is also the founder and managing director of Brazos International, Inc. also based in Austin, TX. Brazos does contract manufacturing and trade consulting in Mexico. Based in Austin TX.

José Manuel Nájera

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, With more than 25 years of experience in Design and Build Assembly Equipment. Dinamek Employee since 1990. Based in San Antonio TX.

Miguel de León

Responsible for Logistics and Dinamek Ind. Warehouse in Laredo TX. Employee since 2010.

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