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At Dinamek we have an engineering, sales and service staff, ready to support you in the implementation of solutions.

Assembly Tools

· Hand and Power Tools Selection.
· Installation, startup and calibration.
· Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.
· In / Off Plant Service Contracts.
· Training for the Correct Usage, Adjustment and Repair.
· Spare parts inventory.
· Tightening Technics training courses / Torque.

Assembly Systems

· Design for Assembly Solutions.
· Design of Solutions with Screw Feeders.
· Design and manufacturing for of Multiple Nutrunners Assembly devices.
· Design and Construction of Assembly Cells.
· Selection, Installation and Startup of Screw Feeders.
· Selection of Articulated Reaction Arms.

Material Handling

· Selection of Supporting Systems for Structure, Rails and Cranes.
· Selection of Hoists and Balancers.
· Selection ,Installation and Startup of Automatic Guided Vehicles / AGV or AGC.
· Selection of equipment and lifting tables.
· Design, manufacturing, installation and startup of manipulators.
· Maintenance Service and Parts.


· Filters Selection for Liquids, Air, Dust or Fumes.
· Analysis and solutions for Painting Defects.
· Instrumentation / Microscopes, Anemometers, Particle Counters.
· Filters Inventory.

Painting Line Consumables

· Selection of Abrasives, Polish, Grinders and Polishers.
· Vacuum Systems for the Sanding process.
· Selection of Tubular, Tack Cloth, Pre saturated and Microfiber lint free wipes.
· Selection of Masking Tapes and Plastic Films of High and Low Temperature.
· Selection of Inspection Gloves.
· Selection of Robot Covers.
· Selection of Protective Tapes and Films.
· Inventory of Materials.
· Selection of ESD Overalls, Caps, Gowns, Trousers and Shoes.

Packaging Materials and Equipment

· Selection of Adhesive Tapes, Steel and Plastic straps, Stretch and Shrink Films for Packaging.
· Selection of Equipment, Wrappers, Strapping Machines, Benders and Ovens.
· Packaging Material Inventory.

Indirect Materials Commodity Management.

· Cost-Benefit Analysis of Integration Programs / Indirect Materials Commodity Management / Outsourcing of Indirect Materials.
· Advisory in the Implementation process of Commodities Management Program.
· Advisory in the Savings Implementation Program process and Evaluation.

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