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Improve the productivity and efficiency of your painting processes

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Improve workplace ergonomics

Improve workplace ergonomics

Decrease worker injury

Decrease worker injury

Consulting, specification and sale of Mirka abrasives. We are Mirka distributors, a company recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacturing of specialized coated and nonwovens abrasives for the automotive refinishing industry. We are located in Monterrey where we manage projects throughout México.

Why Mirka Abrasives?

  • Reduce abrasive costs through best practices and products
  • Avoid contamination with the Mirka dust-free system
  • Make your employees enjoy a healthier and more productive environment
  • Prepare in a better way your surfaces before painting
  • Improve your grinding and polishing processes in bodyshop
  • Corrects damage like craters, marks and orange peel finishes
  • Make your employees enjoy a healthier and more productive environment

Applications and Industries

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Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your painting processes


Abranet SIC NS is a multifunctional net abrasive without stearate, developed mainly for glass sanding, but is also suitable for sanding of other hard surfaces like primers, clear coats, and composites. A combination of high performance and a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives gives a cost-effective solution. The bonding is of resin type, and Abranet SIC NS is coated with an even, closed layer of silicon carbide grains.

Abranet ACE

The multifunctional and classic Abranet is specially developed for sanding putty, primers, lacquers, composite materials, and a wide range of other materials for industrial use. Abranet combines high performance and a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives, making it a cost-effective solution. Designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand, its true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish

Abranet HD

Abranet Ace is developed to achieve outstanding results on challenging surface conditioning and repair applications. Because of its optimized net construction and ceramic grains, Abranet Ace offers superior cut and performance for hardwoods (such as beech and oak) and fast cutting on various solid surface materials as well as for cleaning of different industrial rollers. Abranet Ace also works excellent on primer sanding applications.

Abranet MAX

Abranet Ace HD is durable and tough with ceramic grains. The strong net structure resists high wear and tear and the product is ideal for heavy-duty applications. The improved woven mesh backing increases the lifetime of the abrasive and makes the sanding process faster. Abranet Ace HD for dust-free sanding has coarse grits P40, P60, and P80.

Abranet NC

Abranet Max is a universal net abrasive suited for a broad variety of sanding applications and is specially developed for the wood industry. Due to the net structure, it resists clogging on resinous wood types or soft materials and the sanded surface stays cooler and avoids burning. The tough aluminum oxide grain gives a high cut rate on harder wood types and materials. The symmetric net structure enables an efficient cut and stock removal. Lower pressure is needed and a more consistent surface finish means minimal quality variations in the process when sanding with Abranet Max. The product offers an extremely long lifetime compared to conventional abrasive belts, which results in fewer belts being needed to complete the job and also cost savings and time efficiency because of less downtime in production due to changing of belts. The product is also well suited for applications where water is used as the cooling agent.

Abranet SIC NC

Abranet NC has been developed for sanding of material that must not be contaminated with corrosive agents. The preparation of corrosion-sensitive surfaces requires abrasive products which contain the lowest possible amount of heavy metals. Special procedures are applied throughout the production process of Abranet NC to reduce the metal content and ensure consistent quality. Due to the construction, Abranet NC has significantly lower heavy metal content than the corresponding traditional products. Abranet NC is suitable for sanding aluminum and painted aluminum parts within the automotive.


This durable, all-around sanding material is very well suited for high-speed sanding in a multitude of applications. Gold features semi-open and special stearate coatings designed to prevent clogging and pill forming which helps achieve an optimal sanding result.

Gold Max

Gold Max is a stearate-coated paper abrasive for intermediate and fine sanding applications. The antistatic E-paper gives good strength and stability to the product. The heat-treated aluminum oxide enables a high cut rate even on harder paints. The semi-open special coating minimizes clogging and increases the sanding lifetime. The backing ensures good stability and offers a smooth surface finish. Gold Max is suitable for paint and lacquer sanding.

Gold NC

Gold NC has been developed for sanding material that must not be contaminated with corrosive agents. The preparation of corrosion-sensitive surfaces requires abrasive products which contain the lowest possible amount of heavy metals. Special procedures are applied throughout the production process of Gold NC to reduce the metal content. The tough, latex-coated base paper makes Gold NC a balanced, flexible product with good initial aggressivity and good durability. Gold NC has a surface layer of calcium stearate that provides good clogging resistance when sanding aluminum and when sanding other materials with a high clogging tendency. Gold NC is suitable for the sanding of aluminum and painted aluminum parts within the automotive industry.

Gold Soft

Gold Soft is a sanding disc, with optimal foam thickness. The semi-open grain coating minimizes dust clogging and gives a better cutting performance. The soft backing gives an excellent paint finish. A softer disc edge eliminates damages on profile sanding. Gold Soft P500 is suitable for primer sanding applications and P800 for matting clear coats.


Especially suited to profiled surfaces, Goldflex is a light, flexible latex paper for dry sanding. Its special stearate coating prevents clogging and pill forming.

Goldflex soft

The soft and flexible Goldflex Soft has been developed for sanding profiled surfaces and irregular, difficult-to-reach details by hand. Goldflex Soft is especially useful within the automotive industry and the car repair branch. The foam base is grip friendly and applies pressure evenly, which reduces the risk of sanding through the surface. The special stearate coating prevents clogging. Suitable for both dry and wet sanding.


Abralon is a unique, multifunctional sanding material developed for tackling both smooth and profiled surfaces. Its patented, flexible construction allows it to create a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges while minimizing the risk of pressure marks. The flexible weave also allows water and air to pass freely, making it suitable for both dry and wet sanding, by machine or by hand.

Q. Silver

With a backing consisting of a flexible and strong impregnated latex paper, Q-Silver features optimal aggressivity, resulting in fast and efficient stock removal. The high heat endurance of this full resin bonded abrasive makes it ideal for tough tasks, such as down-to-metal sanding operations.

Q. Silver ACE

Q.Silver Ace is a ceramic premium abrasive with paper backing for tougher universal sanding. The ceramic grains give a boost, especially when sanding harder applications and a strong resin bonding gives good grip adhesion to the backing.

Q. Silver NS

Abrasive with resin adhesive that presents an optimum aggressiveness in the fast and efficient removal of material. It has strong and flexible support, impregnated with latex, which allows Silver to have a high resistance to high temperatures, both in sanding operations of automotive lacquer and sheet.

Polarshine Finishing Compound F05 - 1L

A second step silicon-free polishing compound to be used after Polarshine C20. Polarshine F05 is a medium-fine polish for cleaning and refreshing matt surfaces by machine or by hand. Polarshine F05 leaves a high gloss finish without swirl marks and removes compound swirls and fine sanding marks.

Polarshine Polishing Compound C20 - 1L

A coarse silicon-free polishing compound for removal of sanding scratches from P1200 and finer, for oxidized surfaces, and for wash mark removal. Polarshine C20, for machine application, is also suitable for the removal and leveling of fine orange peel structure.

Polarshine 15 Polishing Compound - 1L

This advanced cutting formulation is the quick and easy polishing option for efficiently producing a premium surface finish on both freshly applied and established paintwork. Rather than cover up scratches, Polarshine 15 actually polishes them out before your eyes to leave the first-class gleam. It is cost-effective, safe, and easy to use, and even clean up is quicker and simpler thanks to the low splash, silicone-free compound. Polarshine 15 is designed to be used for machine applications.

Polarshine Polishing Compound 25 - 2,5L

Polarshine 25 is a paste for polishing gel coat layers. It is suitable for the polishing and the elimination of the sanding marks resulting from the sanding with the exclusive products Mirka of grain 800 or finer. Polarshine 25 is suitable for machine application

Polarshine Liquid Nano Wax - 1L

Polarshine Liquid Nano wax is efficient and easy to work with. It gives a good finish and excellent results on dark color surfaces. Easy to clean up the residue. Leaves no color staining on the paint finish.

Polarshine 3 Finishing, Nano Antistatic Wax - 1L

Polarshine 3 is an ultra-fine polishing compound, suitable for protecting the achieved high gloss finish on both original paintwork and repainted surfaces. Polarshine 3 is excellent for buffing and sealing surfaces and for hologram removal. It leaves a long-lasting high gloss shine and it is ideal for demanding colors. Polarshine 3 contains carnauba wax and is suitable for both machine and hand application.

More Polarshine polishers

  • Polarshine 35

  • Polarshine 10 Polishing Paste - 5L / 1.32 gal

  • Polarshine 25 Polishing Paste - 17L

  • Polarshine 8 Polishing Paste - 5L / 1.32 gal

  • Polarshine E3 Polishing paste crystal - 250 ml

120V Dust extractor

This industrial vacuum cleaner is designed for dust-free sanding in combination with the two electric and pneumatic machines, hand-sanding blocks, and the Mirka Deco Sander. The vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning workrooms. And has adjustable suction and automatic electric start. The hose connection is grounded in order to remove static electricity from the hose. This vacuum cleaner should always be used with Mirka antistatic hoses.* The MV-912 is not intended for use with aluminum powder.

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