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tesa® benefits and key features

  • Multiple surfaces
  • Easy mounting and hanging
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Highly reliable and safe sealing
  • Electric safe
  • Efficient protection on painting applications

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Food Industry

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Adhesive tapes for multiple applications

Repairing Tapes

  • In any home, something always seems to be broken. Sometimes it’s a leaky pipe, sometimes a cable has to be re-insulated.
  • Then it’s a good thing when you have a reliable repairing tape from tesa at hand.
  • With that, you can help yourself in emergencies, giving yourself the time to decide if you want to hire an expert for a permanent repair or replace the broken object.

Mounting and Hanging

  • Affixing and hanging up objects has never been this easy. With tesa® Smart Mounting System, we present you with a stress-free way to decorate your living space.
  • In order to securely mount objects, you don’t need to have any expert knowledge or talent.
  • You can save time, avoid damage, and leave your tools on the rack.
  • Drills and hammers are yesterday’s news.


  • Our automotive masking tape assortment helps you to create an accurate and unique look while ensuring easy and lean paint shop processes.
  • Our masking range and expertise support you to master the challenges and keep each step as lean as possible.
  • This includes ensuring a reliable adhesion; avoiding overspray on e-, solvent-, and water-based coatings even at high temperatures in the oven
  • Guaranteeing simple and residue-free tape removal to prevent extra work.


  • Whether light or heavy cartons, short transportation, or long overseas trips, tesa packaging tapes ensure the security of shipments under all conditions
  • Filmic tapes, for holding applications that require higher strength than carton sealing tape
  • Paper tapes, ideal for light-duty holding and bundling applications
  • Reinforced tapes, providing reinforced holding power for bundling, palletizing, and unitizing applications

Electrical Insulation Tape

  • Since every home is full of electric cables, it’s quite calming to have insulating tape at hand, allowing you to fix minor damage instantly by yourself!

Spray painting

  • The automotive adhesive tape is suitable for masking during spray painting with following oven drying, resisting temperatures up to 110°C.

Metal Bundling
and Marking

  • High adhesion and color variety for bundling and marking of coils with our single-sided high adhesion tapes.

Adhesive tapes for all types of materials

  • Glass, wood, and plastic
  • Metal, paper, and textile
  • Plastic masking
  • Mineral surfaces, natural stone
  • Dry wall masking

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