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Since 1982, Transbotics has been a global pioneer in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Cars (AGC).
It also includes custom material handling solutions for production and storage. What makes it the best
distributor in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Food / Beverage and Primary Metals, among others.

AGVs Transbotics

Assembly lines

They are commonly used for assembly lines or to replace traditional trailer lines on the floor. These are the most common options for ribbon-guided configurations, but they are also available as: laser guide, for maximum design flexibility

assembly lines

Tailor-made AGV vehicles

Our goal is to provide the best solution for each customer according to their individual needs. We focus on the solution and the design of the vehicle to adapt to the requirements and applications.Transbotics offers a wide range of Automatic Engineering Guided Vehicles on Demand. Our specialty is to integrate custom AGVs with other types of automation equipment and software.

tailor-made AGV vehicles

Forklifts and roller vehicles

They are generally used to collect and deliver pallets, skates, rolls, carts and other types of transportable loads. The collection and delivery can be done at ground level or in stands, racks and conveyors. Stacking in narrow aisles and deep rails are common applications for automated vehicles of this type.

forklifts and roller vehicles

Transportation of heavy loads

Large capacity vehicles are used in a variety of industries. Steel, aluminum and paper mills carry considerable loads. Transbotics offers automated guided vehicle solutions for these and other heavy load applications.

transportation of heavy loads


They are used in light or heavy applications. They are useful in almost all industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive and first level supplier, textiles, chemical processing, ceramics, food and beverage, newsprint and publishing, plastics, microelectronics, primary metals and recycling.


Cargo vehicles and conveyors

They are used to move pallets, drums, boxes, totes and skidding items across various areas of a production, manufacturing or distribution plant. Their most common use is when all load transfers are made to or from a stationary conveyor. This automated vehicle provides the flexibility of connecting stationary conveyors to other conveyor or receiving stations without the physical requirements of a traditional conveyor system. This benefit allows flexibility for change in the production process. The combined conveyor / lifting platform type AGV is an excellent choice when connecting to conveyors of different heights. They come in different sizes, heights and weight capacities. We specialize in the development of custom-made AGV to offer our customers the best material handling solutions for their needs.

cargo vehicles and coveyors

Automatically guided heavy-duty vehicles

Heavy duty vehicles are used in a wide variety of industries. Steel, aluminum and paper mills carry considerable loads. Transbotics offers automated guided vehicle solutions for these and other heavy load applications.

Paper and Printing: Transbotics' automated paper and print guided vehicles are the perfect connecting link for the printing and packaging industries and for related manufacturers of raw materials such as paper, cardboard and dashboards.

Tires and Rubber: The timely and reliable delivery of raw materials is a must for any manufacturing operation. Transbotics-driven automotive systems will provide a constant and fair flow of materials to keep your production machines running at full capacity.

Primary Metals: Automatic Coil Guided Vehicle Transbotics' automated guided vehicles reliably move coils, ingots, bars, plates and wires. We design to move your heaviest load safely.

automatically guided heavy-duty vehicles

AGC Mounting Systems

They are programmable vehicles without driver. They can be used as an assembly system or to transport materials from designated collection and delivery locations within a facility, using programmable delivery routines. These vehicles use a magnetic tape or bar for steering and employ various types of collision avoidance systems.

Transbotics designs and installs turnkey AGC systems for various industries including automotive, chemical, food and beverage, manufacturing, paper mills, newspapers, pharmaceuticals, transportation and storage.

AGC mounting systems

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