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Dinamek is an official GCI distributor, leader in material handling solutions for very complex assembly systems.

Design for different material handling needs

From boxes, drums, pallets, and rolls, GCI's solutions are designed to assist you with all your material handling needs. Chose an application below to explore solutions for your specific need or contact us to explore custom solutions. Our team of experienced and skilled engineers are available to find a solution for a variety of applications.


  • Boxes
  • Castings
  • Drums
  • Engines
  • Frames
  • Pallets
  • Panels/glass
  • Rolls
  • Rotor/mandrels
  • Spools
  • Tires/wheels
  • Tracks

Some industry applications



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Design for different industries

Carbon-fiber torque
reaction arm


GCI T100F – A carbon-fiber torque reaction arm with a bidirectional ability and the capacity for a 100 Nm tool.

At GCI, we are proud to offer the world’s largest array of Torque Reaction arms, up to a capacity of 7500 Nm and a 20′ reach. Our smallest torque system is the T100F, a lightweight, tabletop carbon fiber arm with a 100 Nm capacity and a max reach of 30”. This system can be configured as either a Smart Arm, or a standard arm and can be used to mount a fixed horizontal or fixed vertical spindle tool. Bidirectional tracking is available with this system, meaning it can track tool placement when the arm is bent in either direction.

Smart Arm technology



GCI T1000S- A steel torque reaction arm with a capacity of 1000 Nm (750 ft/lb) and a reach of up to 12 ft. This system can support our proprietary GCI AdaptiCS Smart Arm technology.

Our proprietary GCI AdaptiCS Smart Arm technology can be incorporated into torque arm, manipular, and other solutions for custom material handling.

Customized industrial manipulators


EOH Vacuum Gripper, this end of hook style vacuum gripper was designed with air pressure gauges to act as a visual guide for the operator in safe handling. Due to the handling need of varying sizes, the cups can be manually expanded into a wider grip utilizing pin locks.

High torque reaction arm


T1000SLt – A 1000 Nm capacity steel torque reaction arm

GCI is proud to offer the world’s largest array of Torque Reaction arms. Our capacities range from 30 Nm up to a massive 7500 Nm. Our newest 1000 Nm arm, the T1000SLt, is a lighter version of our T1000S. The newly designed system offers a reach up to 10 ft and a 380 lb reduction in weight from its 12 ft sibling. Our proprietary GCI AdaptiCS Smart Arm technology can be incorporated into this system.

New projects


brazo articuladoDinamek team will help you find the best solution and personalized industrial arms or manipulators for your material handling needs.

Client: ATV's manufacturer



Implemented solution:

A carbon-fiber industrial manipulator 80k load capacity for a 5-meter clearance.

Client: air conditioner manufacturer


Proyecto implementado:

Industrial manipulator integration with a custom pneumatic feature to take a piece of the rack, up to 60Kg load capacity, and with a 3-meter clearance.

Client: tractor manufacturer



Proyecto implementado:

Torque reaction arm installation, 1,500 newtons capacity for an assembly line.

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