Knight Industrial Manipulators

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We are Knight distributors, who is a very important and leading global supplier of ergonomic tools and
equipment. Knight provides consumers with a very high technology for Ergonomic Materials Handling.
But also Knight combine product designs with Standard and tested customized development.

Industrial Manipulators

A step in the right direction

Dinamek together with Knight design and manufacture custom industrial manipulators to adapt to any application and provide ergonomic solutions.

At Dinamek we will help you choose the system that best fits your application, creating a detailed analysis of your material handling needs.

Some of our solutions:

  • Pneumatic arms
  • Extension arms
  • Vacuum Lifters
  • Mechanic turnovers
  • Fasteners

Manipulator Arms

Industrial Manipulators

The 'Knight Pneumatic', 'Extension', 'Vertical' and 'Servo Arms' series offer a wide variety of configurations to lift, rotate, balance, move and transfer products to and from conveyors, stowage, assembly mounting lines and more.

Knight arms allow placement of an end effector or device within a specific work cell or typical working area using top or floor mounted work cranes.


Pneumatic Balancers

Pneumatic Balancers

Knight pneumatic balancers are designed to help ergonomically to transfer loads using a variety of Up / Down holders or options with control balance “Float” .

Air balancers provide superior control over standard air hoists when it is about locating and positioning loads. We also have cable and chain equipment.

The operator can take his hand off the pendant and actually "float" the piece to manipulate the load.


Intelligent hoists

Servo Hoist System

Knight's industrial lift systems are intelligent assistance devices (IADs) that provide controlled transfers of workloads.

As an extension of the natural movement of an operator, this technology greatly improves the accuracy and repeatability of the application. The inherent benefits include: eliminating waste of motion, reducing reaction time and minimizing effects of inertia with heavy loads.

This system allows the operator to simply grab the handle and move the load with an instantaneous response. It is not necessary to push the button.




The Knight Cranes offer greater area coverage with a very simple aluminum rail that rotates on a pole mounted on the floor.

Our cranes are designed to move effortlessly while still carrying loads of great capacity.

They are an ideal solution for integrating Knight Global Servo Hoists, Air Balancers, Torque Tubes and other lifts.


Torque tubes

Torque reaction arms

Knight torque tubes are designed to reduce operator effort by absorbing the torque reaction produced by the mounting tools while balancing the weight of the tool.

The torsion tubes use a pneumatic cylinder or a spring balancer to achieve a balance of zero gravity. Each Pneumatic Tube Cylinder is supplied with unique balance control.


Clamping systems and trolleys

Trailer loads with speed and precision

Made to locate and move loads in "X" and "Y" directions with precision and reliability.

Knight tractors significantly reduce push forces and energy to sustain movements.

Servo Knight tractors incorporate Intelligent Assist Device Servo Technology (IAD), giving you unlimited programming for all your specific application needs.

Knight's electric tractors are equipped with Knight's VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) unit that gives operators complete control while locating loads.

We have:

  • Mini air tractors / air tractors
  • Non-lubricating air tractors

Controls and accessories

Knight Controls & Accessories

Knight pneumatic control handles are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for the operator.

Its horizontal-vertical adjustment capability and ergonomic grip make it an excellent replacement for existing non-ergonomic control handles.

The BPA Series features offer a pneumatically operated control handle that is available in one, two, three or four button configuration.

We have pneumatic and electric equipment.


Aluminum workstation rails

Cranes and workstations series.

The Knight aluminum light rail series is made from high strength alloy which is the ideal solution regardless of whether your load is directly under the system or suspended to one side.

The aluminum rail facilitates installation and modification. Knight offers 13 different series of aluminum rails that are available in multiple shapes and configurations.


Lifting tables

Cranes and workstations series

Knight has lifting tables of all types and capacities, with different lifting heights, fixed or mobile

Equipment manufactured under a standard.


Knight Global Catalog [English]


Industrial handling solutions mix Standard products and they are tested with a personalized development.

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We also have solutions such as crane trucks, flat carriages, monorail and extra flat mechanisms, as well as hydraulic, underwater and cryogenic hoists.